Color Accent

Color is striking, but not every application calls for highly saturated colored light. With Color Accent, rich, vibrant color is incorporated within the ambient lighting to offer enhanced design capability and flexibility with minimal impact on the functional illumination.
Imbed luminous color directly within the visual context of ambient white light, and the perception of dark hues to vibrant neons to pastels become possible. More akin to an architectural finish, Color Accent can be set to match or complement the space interiors. The design impact of Color Accent can be minimal to strong simply by selecting how much and what type is used in your layout. Perfect for branding, architectural accent, delineating space, setting mood, or creating an interactive lighting effect, Color Accent can be a part of many space types within Office, Corporate Interiors, Education, Retail, Hospitality and Recreation applications.
Color Accent features 100 user-selectable standard colors with the ability to customize 8 out of the 100.

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