XPoint Wireless Light Controller

XPoint Wireless Light Controller

The XPoint Wireless Light Controller is a relay with 0-10V dimming control and a port for an optional embedded sensor. The Light Controller provides a high performing solution for individual fixture dimming control with all the benefits of intelligent network communication including group control, current monitoring, and driver/ballast outage detection. When needed, the digital port allows for connection of a digital embedded sensor providing occupancy and light level information to the system.

The Light Controller is a point of control for a flexible wireless network in which lights can be easily configured to respond to one or more priorities. The system achieves energy savings not previously possible with control restricted to electrical circuits. XPoint Wireless utilizes robust Adura® wireless protocol for fail-safe communication that forms a self-healing, adaptive mesh network that maintains connectivity regardless of sight conditions.

  • Microcontroller with real time clock which responds to the highest priority command

  • Integrated voltage and current monitoring to support energy analytics and fixture outage detection

  • Measurement of energy consumption of controlled lighting

  • Non-volatile memory which retains information during power failures

  • Slim profile design for easy mounting within the ballast/driver cavity of lighting fixtures

  • Integrated internal antenna - no external antenna required

  • Available as factory pre-installed into select Acuity Brands’ luminaries


  • A+ Capable : Yes
  • Application Type : Manufacturing, Retail, Sports and Recreation, Warehouses
  • Brand Name : Lighting Controls and Design
  • Environment : Indoor, Outdoor
  • Listings : DLC Standard
  • Mounting Type : Fixture - Attached, Surface
  • Product Type : System Controller
  • Series : XPA