Technical Support Contact Information

Holophane and American Electric Lighting: (800) 313-2557

Infrastructure (Holophane and American Electric outdoor product only)

Indoor / Industrial / Hazardous

Life Safety (Exits, Exit/Unit Combos, Units)

Commercial Lighting: (800) 705-7378

Commercial Indoor (Panels, Troffers, Wraps, Strips)

Commercial Outdoor (Area, Poles, Wallpacks, Floods)

Industrial (High Bay, Low Bay)

Smart Connected (Juno AI)

To schedule time to speak with one of our Smart Home Technical Support representatives regarding Juno AI or JunoConnect products at a time convenient to you, click here: Schedule Smart Home Support Request

IOTA / Power Sentry (Emergency Drivers, ETS, and Mini/Micro Inverters)

IOTA Central Inverters (IIS Models 1000W or greater)

Emergency (Emergency Exits)


Light Commercial & Residential (Juno, Undercabinet, Wafers, Indoor Residential)

Residential Outdoor

Controls: (800) 535-2465

To schedule time to connect with one of our Technical Support representatives at a time convenient to you click here:  Schedule a Controls Support Request.

nLight Platform
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- nLight AIR –
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Sensor Switch



Dark to Light

Pathway Connectivity

(866) 617-3074

Cloud Solutions

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