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Former Employees

I am a former employee with additional questions.

  • How can I get copies of my former W2s and other tax documents?

    • For W2s prior to 2019, you will need to reach out to the Human Resources team to receive a copy.
    • For W2s 2019 to the present you can reach out to the Acuity Brands Payroll department, and they will provide the needed documentation.
  • How to get my final pay stubs?

    • Final pay statements can be obtained in two ways:
      • You can contact your Human Resources Business Partner, contact info was provided during your exit interview.
      • You can contact the Acuity Brands Payroll department requesting a copy of any needed financial statements.
  • How to ensure I get my final payment?

    • The terms of your final payments were discussed with you during your exit interview. If you have any question regarding your final payment you can reach out to your Human Resources Business Partner.
    • Your final paycheck will also include all untaken vacation hours you have accrued. Your Human Resources Business Partner will have gone over these amounts with you during your exit interview as well.
  • How do I access concur to receive reimbursement?

    • During the exit process your manager should have asked about any outstanding expense reports you have open or any outstanding balances on your company AMEX. If you have any pending reimbursements please reach out to your Human Resources Business Partner for assistance in getting them resolved.
  • Verification of Employment

    • Verifications of employment can be requested directly from the Acuity Brands HR Shared Services team by contacting 877-584-1411 Opt 0.