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An Update to Our Customers

Introduced in 2006, the ROAM® system was a wireless outdoor lighting management system that helps monitor and control outdoor lighting fixtures, minimize maintenance costs, optimize energy use and provide an improved nighttime environment for municipal, multi-site and large institutional customers.

In July 2020, Acuity Brands announced that it was sunsetting sales of new ROAM Concierge wireless outdoor lighting management systems. This followed the sunsetting of ROAM Enterprise and ROAMview products.

September 2022 Update: ROAM to StreetMan® Migration

Acuity Brands is now pleased to announce that existing customers who have continued to use ROAM products will have the opportunity to migrate from the ROAM control system to the Dhyan StreetMan Central Management System. This migration will provide existing users of ROAM with a modern user experience and the ability to continue using their existing ROAM lighting control assets.

StreetMan is a comprehensive, multi-vendor, modern and secure Central Management System (CMS) that Dhyan has been offering for several years. The system manages thousands of smart streetlights in North America. Due to its open and technology-agnostic architecture, StreetMan can manage streetlights and other smart assets from third party hardware manufacturers.

Key benefits include:

  • Seamless migration from ROAM Concierge, ROAM Enterprise and ROAMView systems to StreetMan
  • More advanced UI, management and control, reports, and charts for an improved customer experience
  • Mobile app which allows customers to manage their lighting system from their mobile phones or tablets
  • Ability to add networked lighting controllers from other vendors if customers want to consolidate or expand their management of lighting assets
  • Ability to manage assets such as cameras, Wi-Fi access points, EV chargers etc., providing a path for smart city initiatives
  • Ongoing support, updates, and maintenance from an experienced IoT company with exceptional customer service

To learn more about the ROAM to StreetMan Central Management System migration, click here.

To learn more about Dhyan StreetMan and signup for the migration, visit:

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