Smart Buildings

A Brilliant Approach
to Smart Buildings

intelligent buildings

At Acuity Brands, we believe that smart buildings should connect systems, technology and people throughout the lifecycle of your facility.

Whether you own or manage a business, office complex, school or hospital, smart means continuously improving performance, reducing carbon footprint, lowering costs and optimizing experience for you and the people who use your space. With our advanced solutions, go beyond energy efficient buildings to truly smart buildings.
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Acuity Brands Technology: The Cornerstone of a Smart Building

The drive to create added value shapes our smart-building-ready products. It’s why our solutions are fully scalable — from intelligent, networked indoor and outdoor luminaires to integrated total building management solutions, unified visualization and user applications. You can use our luminaires to begin transforming a space and then, as the need and opportunity grow, evolve that into a complete smart building infrastructure, for complete energy management solutions, further deriving additional value from your building systems. 

Imagine your space transformed into a powerful, connected infrastructure. Beyond better management, it becomes a business builder.

Brilliant, don’t you think?

smart buildings

Smart Building Ready Products and Solutions

At Acuity Brands, our smart building solutions start with lighting, allowing us to effectively deliver a power, network and sensor infrastructure for all your spaces, indoors and outdoors. 

Our controls solutions — from lighting to HVAC, optimized for energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and comfort — seamlessly integrate with your building management system. 

Combined with web-based visualization and management, your unified building interface now provides actionable analytics for facility management, assuring your building is always performing at its best, while enhancing responsiveness to occupants’ needs. 

Our IoT platform allows you to utilize the data gathered throughout your building, transforming it into business applications that deliver value-added services to your occupants and increased return on investment for your smart building.  

And, most importantly, our solutions are delivered utilizing open protocols and leading standards, allowing you to scale your smart building with your needs.

Our energy management solutions combined with our smart building technology empower you to address your specific needs and goals for efficiency, savings, performance and return on investment.