Case Study Details

LOCATION: Appleton, Wisconsin


ThedaCare Health System Saves More than $40,000 Annually with Acuity Brands Outdoor LED Luminaires

In 2013, ThedaCare Health System noticed some of its campuses were overdue for a lighting upgrade. Specifically, its Theda Clark and Appleton Medical Center (AMC) campuses were illuminating large parking lots (860,000+ sq. ft./lot) with weathered high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) fixtures, which emitted harsh, uneven lighting. AMC also used the same lighting for its 141,000 sq. ft. parking deck.

Additionally, the Theda Clark campus is located in a residential area, and often received complaints from neighbors about parking lot lighting overflow into houses. While the decision to go LED was largely driven by neighbors’ needs and energy savings, ThedaCare also made security a top priority. The parking lot lighting was comprised of two fixtures per pole, which formed hot spots and dark corners throughout the lots – resulting in a safety concern.

“Security staff was concerned about light levels and wanted to make sure the new lighting would provide better visibility both on-site and through security cameras,” said Steve Jencks, Construction Project Manager for ThedaCare.

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