Case Study Details

LOCATION: Hercules, California

City of Hercules Goes Green with LEDgend Roadway LED Lighting

Located on the scenic shores of San Pablo Bay, the city of Hercules, California sits midway between San Francisco and Napa. Portions of its busy roadways (Sycamore Avenue and Refugio Valley Road) were once illuminated with 161 cobra head type luminaires with 100-watt high pressure sodium lamps. The city wanted to move toward a more energy-efficient solution.

According to Jose Pacheco, assistant civil engineer, City of Hercules, the City had a good working relationship with Holophane and had installed Holophane lighting systems in the past. When the local sales representative recommended LEDgend luminaires to meet the City’s requirements for quality lighting and sustainability, city officials decided to move forward.

Now, contemporary styled LEDgend® Roadway LED luminaires from Holophane®, illuminate both two- and four-lane sections of roadway lined with homes, community buildings, businesses, restaurants and strip malls; some areas have parking along the street. The fixtures also illuminate sidewalks, which were plagued with pockets of darkness in the past. New LED luminaires cut energy usage nearly 40 percent and increasing safety and visibility.

The City hired a maintenance contractor to install LEDgend luminaires in the median on existing 30-foot fiberglass poles with six-foot twin arms. The city used existing poles because they were still highly serviceable and more cost effective than installing new poles.

“The new LED street lights are not only energy efficient but they appear brighter, making our roads safer for motorists and pedestrians,” Pacheco said. “The new fixtures have been installed just a short time and we have already received a lot of positive feedback from the community.”

Light trespass was a concern since a number of houses back up to the roadway. The LEDgend fixtures’ optical control cuts light off at property lines to minimize the illumination that spills onto adjacent properties. The luminaires also provide no uplight.  

Fixtures along Refugio Valley Road have three separate centralized photocontrols to switch luminaires on and off, with luminaires along Sycamore Avenue incorporating individual photocontrols.

“We are thrilled that with the use of federal grant funds, the City of Hercules is able to move toward more energy efficient practices,” Pacheco said. “In addition to reducing energy costs, the LED light fixtures are designed to last longer, which means we save in maintenance and replacement costs too.”