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Connected Buildings for Smart Businesses

What Does Your Building Do for Your Business?

Has your building evolved?

Connected buildings empower you to capitalize on the evolution of today's technology-enabled consumer so you stay highly competitive in an ever-changing economy.

Does it strengthen your business proposition?

Once just a cost center, it’s now a digitalized asset that scales-up strategic engagement and revenue generation.

How hard does your building work for you?

Built on energy efficient infrastructure, it unlocks data from those who matter most to your business.

A connected building is smart business.

Connected, it evolves with your changing needs, creates an elevated experience for all stakeholders, drives actionable analytics and enables dynamic process improvements.

Resulting in improved performance of your buildings and the businesses that operate within them.

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An Illuminating Perspective

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Get Much More Out of Your Building

Maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability is the first important step. Connected, your building also serves as scalable infrastructure used for mining and managing information, and for deploying sensor-based communications technology. You gain valuable access to contextual, location-aware data, and ubiquitous connectivity to those who interact with your space.

Illustration highlighting benefits of Improved Experiences, Optimized Operations, and Data Driven Intelligence

Better Outcomes for Building and Business Managers

Connected buildings transform and optimize both physical space and business performance.

Mindmap illustration comparing Typical Buildings to Connected Buildings to Connected and Smart Businesses