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EC-Net 4

EC-Net 4 Supervisor

by Distech Controls

The EC-Net™  Supervisor is a software platform used in server-class applications. It makes managing all buildings at an enterprise level possible, giving facilities managers the ability to quickly respond to problems and insights to optimize their system.

The EC-Net Supervisor allows multiple Niagara-based EC-BOS series controllers, as well as other IP-based devices such as the ECLYPSE™ Connected IP and Wi-Fi products series, to be networked together. It serves real-time graphical information to standard Web-browser clients and provides server-level functions. These functions include centralized data logging/trending, archiving to external databases, alarming, system navigation, master scheduling, database management, and integration with other enterprise software applications. Also, it provides a comprehensive graphical engineering toolset for application development.

The EC-Net Supervisor operates with EC-Net™ web-based building management platform powered by the Niagara Framework®. The ECNet Supervisor can also run EC-Net Access for managing access control systems. 

Features & Benefits

  • Scalable licensing model for medium-sized sites with few integrations and EC-BOS-8 or IP-based controllers, up to large multi-site and remote campuses
  • Integrates many automation systems including those for HVAC, lighting, energy, fire and smoke, physical access, video, and industrial/processing control
  • Integrates enterprise-level applications including databases, user management, and hotel guest management
  • Protects your system and data with best practice security features including role-based user and permissions management, password management (strength settings, expiration, history), encryption (TLS), certificates and electronic signatures
  • Tagging and templating functions provides the foundation for organizing data, advanced searching capability and deploying systems more quickly and consistently
  • Adaptive end user views are displayed using HTML5, for a consistent user experience across all web browsers and devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile
  • EC-Net Access offers easy configuration of physical access control system via a web browser connection, along with advanced functions for occupancy counting, anti-passback, threat level management, elevator control, and more, as well as integrations to photo ID badging/printing software and visitor management

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    Brand Distech Controls
    Product Family Building Automation System
    Subcategory EC-Net
    Sales Regions US, OC, ME, EU, CSA, CA, AS
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