LMS Lowering Device


For Shopping centers, malls, commercial parking areas, educational facilities, commercial developments, automotive dealerships, streets and highways, rest areas, port facilities, airports, and parking garages.

The new Holophane LMS Lowering Device System is an aesthetically pleasing design that blends with a variety of architectural styles. The LMS System integrates all of the best features of the original Holophane HMS Lowering Device and packages it in a system suited for lowering mounting heights in applications that require a clean, unobtrusive appearance. The LMS System allows for higher mounting heights with wider pole spacings. ~13;~10;

~13;~10;Maintenance is easy by lowering the luminaires to ground level for normal relamping. The LMS System features the safety of top-latching design, a centering system that stabilizes the luminaires during raising and lowering, and multiple luminaire arrangements to suit a wide range of applications.~13;~10;

Product overview and specifications
Brand Name Holophane
Environment Outdoor
Mounting Type Pole
Product Type Area Light
Series 10, 11
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