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The 02454 luminaire from Holophane provides the ideal lighting design element for applications requiring an industrial, retro warehouse, or open loft look. Since 1937, the 02454 has been the ultimate in low brightness, energy efficient lighting.

A combination of stainless steel rods, a cast aluminum husk and ageless prismatic glass create a luminaire that transcends the years. When a realistic industrial/retro look is desired, the Holophane 02454 is the original.

The 02454 product line offers two covers and three color options to contribute to the style and function of any lighting environment. The optional copper cover brings out the classic metal’s beauty to add elegance to the retro-industrial design. The 02454 family is available in the very popular compact fluorescent, incandescent, metal halide and pulse start metal halide lamp sources for maximum design flexibility.

The Elite Series
The 02454 product family is available with Holophane’s Elite Series Electronic HID ballast, garnering exceptional efficiency in terms of energy savings. The marriage of the visually appealing 02454 optic and the highly efficient electronic ballast option yields precise optical control with superior ballast performance.

Listings: C/UL/US

Product overview and specifications
Brand Name Holophane
Environment Indoor
Mounting Type Pendant, Pole
Product Type Architectural Indoor
Series 24I, 24N, 24R, 24S
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