nPP16 Family

Power Relay Pack

The nLight nPP16 Series power pack is the workhorse of an nLight system. Each unit has two important responsibilities: providing system power and switching lighting loads. To provide system power, the power pack transforms Class 1 line voltage (120/277 VAC or 347 VAC) to Class 2 15 VDC. For switching a lighting load, an internal 16A latching relay is used.

The power packs two RJ 45 connectors make control wiring with standard CAT-5 cabling easy and clean. For simplifying installation, power packs have an elongated chase nipple that allows them to be attached either directly through a 1/2" knockout into a junction box, or inside an adjacent box for meeting specific local code requirements in ceiling plenums.

Communicates w/ nLight Network
Remotely Configurable/Upgradeable
Push-Button Programmable
Configurable Relay Logic
Provides System Power
Self-Contained Relay Switches Line Voltage Load
Plenum Rated
Green LED Indicator
Extended Chase Nipple

Product overview and specifications
A+ Capable Yes
Application Type Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Offices and Banks, Religious, Retail, Sports and Recreation, Warehouses
Brand Name nLight
Color White
Control Networkable Control
Environment Indoor
Finish Gloss
Listings C-UL-US, DLC Standard
Product Type Power Pack
Series NPP16
Spec Sheets
A summary of the performance and other technical characteristics of the product.
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Technical Files
Installation documents, building information models, etc.
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npp16efp347-riser_dwg View
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npp16efp-riser_dwg View
npp16efpsa_dwg View
npp16efpsa2_dwg View
npp16efpsa2347_dwg View
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npp16efpsa347_dwg View
npp16efpsa347lt_dwg View
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Download brochures, sell sheets, photometry files and other sales tools.
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