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Conference Room Lighting

Create the right environment at the right time.  
Cover multiple needs with an Acuity Brands solution.

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led conference room lighting, conference room lighting fixtures

Meet Multiple Needs

Client meetings, team huddles, even birthday parties are all hosted in conference rooms. These multipurpose spaces need layers of light that can be easily controlled to create the right environment at the right time. Since conference rooms also provide opportunities to showcase a brand to customers, architectural luminaires that make a statement, in addition to providing high-quality light, are appropriate. And, of course, lighting for conference rooms needs to be energy efficient, and today’s solutions make that easier than ever.

Layers of Light and Functionality

With an extensive portfolio of conference room lighting fixtures, including easy-to-install retrofit solutions, Acuity Brands can help you create an ideal meeting space. In addition to our comprehensive selection of lighting for conference rooms, we have controls solutions that can help you manage energy costs and utilization of the room by connecting your conference room lighting to your entire office.

  • Flexible, adaptable, visually comfortable lighting

  • Industry-leading portfolio of architectural fixtures

  • Retrofit kits for easy and cost-effective upgrades

  • IOT solutions for managing space utilization
led conference room lighting, conference room lighting fixtures

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conference room lighting, lighting for conference room

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Featured Products

conference room lighting fixtures, conference room lighting design, lighting for conference room

Full Circle LED Recessed Arc

Mark Architectural Lighting™
Anything a designer can imagine can be brought to life with Full Circle's super-efficient LED technology.

L Series Retrofit

Indy LED Retrofit Commercial Downlight Kits easily convert existing 6- or 8-inch fixtures to LED illumination.

Controls System

nLight® is a networked digital lighting control system that provides both energy savings and increased user configurability by cost effectively integrating time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based and manual lighting control schemes. nLight creates an unmatched level of distributed intelligence.

Space Utilization Application

Acuity Brands
Allows property managers to analyze where occupants spend their time in order to make data-driven decisions for renovation and other expansions.


Commercial Office Applications

lighting for conference room, conference room lighting

Private Office
Enclosed office spaces where lighting should minimize glare on screens and provide easy, personalized control.
Open Office
Modular, reconfigurable work areas used for a variety of purposes requiring flexible illumination.                                           
conference room lighting
Conference Room
Multi-use meeting spaces requiring multiple layers of light and controls to deliver flexibility to satisfy every use.
Corridors & Stairwells
Small spaces, often paths of egress with regulated illumination and emergency power requirements.                                            
Office Parking
Outdoor spaces where new LED lighting can enhance employees’ sense of safety while reducing energy use for building owners.
Reception areas where lighting can be used to enforce a brand and provide a welcoming staging area for guests and employees.

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