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Select ROAM components are available to OEM outdoor lighting fixture companies.

OEM Lighting Sales has grown out of Bloch Aluminum, a manufacturer's representative with over 30 years of experience serving the OEM lighting market and representing premier companies such as Alanod Aluminum and Sumitomo Metals.

Enable Your Outdoor Roadway And Area Lighting Fixtures With ROAM
OEM Lighting Sales is now offering the powerful ROAM 0-10vdc Dimming Control Module (DCM) as an OEM product to outdoor fixture manufacturers. Factory mounting a ROAM 0-10vdc Dimming Control Module to ROAM-enable your outdoor fixture can drive sales opportunities.

1. If you're interested in ROAM-enabling your outdoor fixtures, download DCM Installation Guide.
2. Order a ROAM DCM from OEM Lighting Sales at (718) 321-0002 or orders@oemlightingsales.com. 
3. Download and complete the ROAM-Enabled Qualification Test Request Form.
4. Send the completed form and your fixture with DCM installed to CTL Engineering for testing. 
OEM Lighting Sales, Inc.
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Inside Sales
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Outside Sales
Aaron Wood

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About Us

Manage your lights. Control your costs. 
ROAM® is a state-of-the-art lighting control and monitoring system that provides ON/OFF/DIM control right down to the specific fixture. It allows you to schedule event lighting precisely and override settings as needed to make each fixture operational only if or when it needs to be, and at what level of brightness. ROAM cuts your annual energy and maintenance costs through proactive and efficient lighting management, without sacrificing safety and security.

There are two basic ROAM platforms:
- ROAMview™, a single-property lighting control system that is self-hosted 
- ROAM, a large-scale, multiple-site street/area lighting control system that’s either self-hosted (Enterprise) or serviced (Concierge) 

Additional benefits of ROAM:
- Maximizes the lifecycle of your outdoor lighting assets, reducing unnecessary lamp or ballast replacements 
- Reduces maintenance-related labor costs by automatically detecting and categorizing fault conditions 
- Avoids costly excavation or construction to re-circuit existing lights – work that’s standard for panel-based systems 
- Adds to the safety and security of your outdoor environment by maximizing the effectiveness of your light fixtures 
- Adds value to your property by enhancing visual appeal and ensuring consistency in daily lighting schedules 

ROAM: Proven technology
With numerous deployments across the U.S. and Canada, ROAM is the proven leader in wireless-control solutions. ROAM (Remote Operations - Asset Management) is part of Acuity Brands Controls, a division of Acuity Brands, Inc., North America’s largest lighting manufacturer.


- World-class services for customers large and small
- In addition to providing an award-winning lighting management system, - ROAM also provides a variety of value-added services as key components of a total outdoor lighting control solution.

Professional Services & Consulting
- Lighting system audit & analysis 
- Customized solution and reporting 
- Proposal generation 
- Project management 
- Business process engineering 
- Business strategy development and execution

Design Services
- Equipment selection and procurement
- Lighting design layouts

Deployment Services
- Project management
- Installation management
- Third-party contract procurement & management
- Activation assistance

Training & Education
- Activation training
- Installation training
- Handheld device training
- Customer portal training
- Business process training
Corporate Headquarters 
1170 Peachtree Street, NE Suite 2300 
Atlanta, GA 30309-7676 

Acuity Brands Lighting 
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ROAM Headquarters
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Corporate Headquarters
1170 Peachtree Street, NE Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30309-7676
Corporate Headquarters
1170 Peachtree Street, NE Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30309-7676


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