Light Pole Wind Loading

Discover a wind maps and diagrams that provides information about wind speed.

AASHTO 1994 vs. AASHTO 2001
New code published in March 2001 includes
New wind design
Revised wind speed map for USA - Utilizes similar wind maps to ASCE/ANSI
Includes Appendix “C”
Revised wind pressure equations:P = 0.00256KzGV2IrCd (2001 AASHTO)P = 0.00256(1.3V)2CdCh (1994 AASHTO)
Fastest Mile Wind (1994 AASHTO)
Fastest-mile wind speed is the average speed during the time required for the passage over an anemometer of a volume of air with a horizontal length of one mile.
Three Second Gust (2001 AASHTO)
The 3-second gust wind speed is the average speed of the wind during a peak 3-second interval.