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option 2, option 4, then dial 1325
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Is My Product Affected?

Step 1: Turn off electricity at fuse or circuit breaker before proceeding!

Step 2: Remove the unit from the mounting plate by pressing both circular snaps at the bottom of the housing. Rotate the housing upward and pull it firmly away from the mounting plate (which will remain mounted on the wall).

Click here to download a product inventory worksheet to record the number of free replacement circuit boards you need to order.

Step 3: Check the label inside the fixture to verify the Catalog number is one of the following:

ELM                                   ELM2               
ELM CSR                           ELM2 B       
ELM DL                              ELM2 DL
ELM2 USPOM                   ELM2 B DL
ELM2  NOM                       ELM2 220-240V 60HZ



Step 4Check the color of the circuit board. If the circuit board is solid green front and back, you will need a replacement board.

If the fixture has a solid beige or combination beige/green boards, no further action is needed.