Human vision is fascinating and complex. Grayscale plays upon a core principle of visual perception called simultaneous contrast, creating another compelling way to mimic nature and enhance indoor environments with a unique visual experience.
Surround dark by light and the dark appears darker. Surround light by dark and the light appears lighter. Applying this principle to a cellular-structured luminous form, creates a pleasingly random mosaic in shades of gray, providing visual interest without the use of color. An optional dynamic mode uses smooth and balanced modulations of light to bring a flowing luminous rhythm to the mosaic without affecting task illumination. This biophilic connection enhances the pleasantness of interior spaces and is ideal for areas where creating visual impact, a sense of collaboration, or feelings ranging from energizing to calming are key design objectives. Grayscale is perfect for Healthcare, Office, Corporate Interiors, Education, Retail, Hospitality and Recreation applications.
Grayscale features three contrast settings: Standard, Enhanced, and Maximum; and modulation speeds ranging from Slow to Fast.

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