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Custom Color Order Procedures

How are Custom Colors Ordered and Matched?

The following procedure has been developed to expedite matching of custom colors for Lithonia Lighting® and Gotham® products.
1) Submit a quote request for item requiring a custom color.
2) Place order, being sure to include “Custom Color” and appropriate quote number on the order line. [Order lines without a valid quote number will not be processed.]
3) Obtain color chip, minimum 2” x 2”, quantity (2) must be supplied by the customer for matching. The sample must be the actual finish applied to a metal surface to prevent mixture variations caused by inconsistent 
substrate material.
4) Send Custom Color Order Submittal Form* and color chip samples to your Customer Care Representative on the same day you place an order for a custom color product. Mark your package “CUSTOM COLOR SAMPLES.” Send chips to one of the following:

Customer Care East
Acuity Brands Lighting
Attn: Customer Care Representative
1400 Lester Road
Conyers, GA 30012
Phone: 800-705-7378
Fax: 770-922-1841
Customer Care West
Acuity Brands Lighting
Attn: Customer Care Representative
1405 E. Locust
Ontario, CA 91761
Phone: 800-706-7378
Fax: 888-765-8658
*Please note: A paint chip is still required when a paint vendor and part number have been specified on the order line. In addition, the Custom Color Order Submittal Form must accompany the request for the order to be processed.

5) Once samples are received they will be sent to an outside supplier for matching. This process will take approximately two weeks. If requested, samples will be sent back to the agency for verification of acceptance. The agency must notify Customer Care of acceptance in writing. 
Verbal notification is not acceptable. The customer/agent can waive verification of acceptance, although waiver must be indicated on submittal form.
6) Once the color has been approved the line item is coded.