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The VLP app configures settings on VLP-enabled Sensor Switch® occupancy sensors and photocontrols. Sensor customization has never been easier!

Easy Commissioning of Sensor Settings with VLP App

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Gone are the days of dip switches and button presses. The Sensor Switch intuitive VLP app provides a time-saving alternative to push-button programming.

 The VLP app uses a camera flash or Bluetooth® technology to configure settings on VLP-enabled Sensor Switch® occupancy sensors and photocontrols. Set occupancy time delay, trim values, photocontrol options and more with this visually intuitive tool.


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  • Simplified programming of occupancy sensor and photocontrols
  • Custom PIN to ensure settings are secure
  • Simplified VLP programming to aid in meeting code compliance
  • Intuitive user interface with visuals to help select sensors and settings
  • Free app download for Apple® iOS and Google® Android™ operating systems
  • Easy restoration to factory default settings
  • Repeatable programming to sensors in different locations with the saved profile feature


Bluetooth® Programming

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You now have the ability to program multiple sensor settings using Bluetooth wireless technology, eliminating the need to use a lift or get out a ladder. Now all programming can be done from the ground using Bluetooth® technology and our VLP app.
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Programming Using the Smartphone Camera Flash

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Use the VLP app along with the camera flash on your mobile device to transmit a sequence of flashes to change the setting on your sensor. Programming occupancy sensors and photocontrols has never been easier than with the VLP app.
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VLP Compatible Products 

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IBG High Bay

Lithonia Lighting®
The I-BEAM® family of LED high bays from Lithonia Lighting® is among the most recognized and respected brands in the industry, with a proven track record of value and performance. This legacy continues with the IBG LED.
Holophane Phuzion PHZ LED

Phuzion™ PHZ LED

Combining the latest in LED technology with the legendary illuminating dynamics of Holophane's prismatic borosilicate glass, the Phuzion™ PHZ LED luminaire takes high-bay lighting to new levels of lumen output and temperature tolerance.
Holophane Petrolux PXLW LED

Petrolux® PXLW LED

Petrolux® PXLW LED round low bay, enhanced to include the SBG BTP sensor option, is the optimal cost-efficient, low weight, feature-packed solution for the demanding environments where dust, dirt and moisture are a concern.


Fixture Integrated Occupancy Sensor with Dimming Photocell
The HALEON series of fixture integrated occupancy sensors with dimming photocells are ideal for standalone industrial lighting control applications.
WSX Wall Switch Sensor

WSX Series

Wall Switch Sensor
The WSX family of wall switch occupancy sensors provide simple and cost-effective solutions for commercial and residential lighting control applications with your choice of Passive Infrared (PIR) or dual technology (PDT) with PIR plus patented Microphonics™ detection.

Sensor Switch SBG BT Outdoor Fixture Integrated Sensor


Outdoor Fixture Integrated Sensor
The SBG series of outdoor rated fixture integrated occupancy sensors with dimming photocells are ideal for indoor stand-alone industrial applications requiring an IP66 wet location rating. Easy to install and configure, the VLP mobile app allows you to change settings using visible light programming or Bluetooth® communication.

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