With their warm hues, sunsets are magical. Juno T381L and T261L LED track light fixtures are now offered with WarmDim technology that creates that perfect subdued lighting ambience of late afternoon. WarmDim warms the color of the LED light on a gentle gradient as it dims light output, delivering the feeling of halogen lighting with the long life and energy savings of LED.

Power to Enhance

Delivering nearly 1200 peak lumens, Juno WarmDim technology combines high light output with dramatic dim-to-warm control, enabling you to set any mood with the flick of a switch.

Juno WarmDim Bugs 2

Experience the Ambience

WarmDim (1800K)
Full-ON (3000K)

Reminiscent of evening light, WarmDim dramatically impacts the ambience of a space, evoking a more welcoming atmosphere.

Smooth Operator

The product of extensive research & development, Juno Trac WarmDim pairs leading LED and dimming technology to ensure dimming is gradual and uniform, while color mixing and lighting performance are optimized.

Lighting With Purpose

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