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VT Family

4 Lighting Solutions | 1 Elegant Look

The VT family from Lithonia Lighting® delivers superior illumination with volumetric distribution and elevated aesthetic for your space, through recessed, linear, surface box and relight kit lighting solutions.

Specification Grade Solution to Outfit an Entire Space


Volumetric Recessed Solution


Surface Mount Box Solution


Volumetric Linear Solution


Relight Kit


Uniform Distribution & Reduced Glare

The deep housing design in the VT family creates a uniform light distribution to equally spread light across all your surfaces – office walls, cubicle partitions, desks, computer monitors and other surfaces. The Consistent lighting across surfaces helps to reduce glare and eye strain. The sloped end plates create a smooth, luminous transition between the light and the ceiling to allow for a seamless blend while also highlighting the elegance of the deeper housing. The statement design of the VT Family products will elevate your space for a sleek look.


Control More with nLight®

VT Family products can be embedded with nLight® wired or wireless lighting controls to ensure customer savings now and in the future. nLight embedded fixtures allow for flexibility in design of your space and sitewide control with group level control capabilities.

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The VT Family