Podz™ Series Canless Downlights

Recessed Downlights, Redefined

Why Podz™?

Traditional in appearance, not in innovation. From below the ceiling, the Juno Podz take the form of a traditional 4", 5" or 6" downlight. Above the ceiling these fixtures are far from traditional with the fixture’s minimalist form factor and technologically advanced light engine. Flexible and simple to use, the Podz offer direct control of the lighting in your space.

Product Offering

Podz™ Canless Downlight at a Glance


The cutting-edge color mixing technology delivers white light engineered to stay directly on the black body curve while
maintaining a high CRI no matter the LED color selection for superior color rendering.

Juno Podz


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Podz™ Canless Downlight Series

Juno Podz offers application flexibility! The quick connect electrical attachment allows for easy electrical connection of the trim module to the remodel junction box or new construction mounting frame. This canless design is IC rated for direct install into the ceiling plenum. The fixture measures less than 3" tall and can install into virtually anywhere for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Choose Your Install

New Construction Installation Video

Remodel Installation Video

Podz™ Canless Downlights

Traditional in Appearance, Not in Innovation

Project Flexibility

3 different sizes to choose for both New Construction and Remodel Installations

Integrated Lighting Controls

Innovative design allows you to switch lumen output and CCT all on the job site


Variety of performance and aesthetic options for Multi-family, Residential and Commercial applications