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Peerless® Renna™

Everyone Deserves Great Lighting

Built around the Peerless Legacy

For 125 years, Peerless lighting has been there for you — advancing the understanding of light and its impact on you. The new rectilinear luminaire Renna™ continues the Peerless legacy.

Renna is easy to configure and quick to install, reducing labor hours and your projects’ overall costs.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Design Versatility

Renna delivers design freedom. With its minimalist form factor and configurable dimensions, create a one-of-a-kind look with Renna or keep it simple with a linear run.

Click the yellow icons below to learn how you can design with Renna.



Mix and match transitions and run lengths to complete your design. The curve, mini square and L corner are available now, and the remaining twists and turns are coming soon.

Mix and match transitions available with Peerless Renna

Granularity of Control

Modulus™ simplifies installation with a single power drop for up to 32 feet of luminaires, reducing complications and labor costs when designing an electrical layout

  • An integrated controls bus can function with up to 16 DC/DC drivers for individual luminaire segment control or drivers can be zoned together in up to 16 independent zones per run
  • Configure or supplement multiple independent emergency illuminated sections without having to add another power drop

Emergency Lighting with Modulus

Traditional Emergency Output Layouts

Traditional Emergency Output Layouts

Only light the path of egress and exits from the building, which meet the minimum safety requirements.

Peerless Renna Emergency Output Layouts

Renna Emergency Output Layouts

Allows for a more balanced approach to emergency lighting, with the ability to specify all or multiple lit sections a more uniform distribution can be created during emergency applications.

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