Juno®… the industry leader in the world of track lighting systems

The award-winning family of Juno Trac lighting systems provides a multitude of options for illuminating homes, offices, retail stores, hospitality establishments, and commercial facilities.


Track Fixtures Portfolio

    Mastering the Art of Track

    The Juno brand offers a dazzling array of track lighting systems, fixture/light-source combinations, and accessories. Every product is designed to deliver optimum performance, reliability, and efficiency. And with complete fixture families available across all systems, a homogeneous ceiling appearance is easily achieved.

    Juno Trac-Master track lighting system illuminates retired racecars in museum.

    Trac-Master® is the workhorse of the Juno Trac system families, featuring the largest selection of fixtures, light sources, accessories, and options. 1‑circuit or 2-circuit, line voltage or low voltage, Trac-Master has it all, does it all.

    Juno Trac-Lites track lighting system illuminates living room wall.

    Trac-Lites™ is an economical, low profile system, offering an assortment of traditional fixture styles and a variety of line voltage kits. Trac-Lites track is fully compatible with Trac-Master fixtures; likewise, Trac-Lites fixtures can be used on Trac-Master track, providing ultimate design flexibility.

    Juno Trac 12 linear LED modules illuminate a dim restaurant dining area.
    Trac 12™

    Trac 12™ linear LED modules or xenon lamp holders can be easily installed in coves, cabinetry, and casework displays to produce uniform linear lighting. Variable spacing permits on-site fine tuning to create even illumination at the desired light intensity. Trac 12 accent track fixtures offer a miniature alternative to line voltage track, enabling accent lighting at lower mounting heights and less obtrusive lighting designs – proof that smaller can be better!

    Juno HD Commercial 120V/277V track lighting installation in art museum.
    HD Commercial 120V/277V (TEK/HTEK)

    These fixtures install on a 2-circuit/2-neutral system making them ideal for dimming-intensive applications or where grid layouts or more robust track systems are desired. Fixtures are available for either 120V (TEK) or 277V (HTEK) operating environments.

    Featured Products

    Juno Trac-Master LED Vertical Cylinders
    Trac-Master LED Vertical Cylinders

    A fresh take on a traditional aesthetic while providing extraordinary performance. Ideal for retail, commercial or residential lighting applications.

    Juno LED Cylinder Track Fixtures with Integral Driver
    LED Cylinder Track Fixtures with Integral Driver

    Timeless, high-performance track fixtures suitable for any lighting environment.

    Juno Trac 12 Linear WarmDim LED Modules
    Trac 12 Linear WarmDim® LED Modules

    Trac 12 WarmDim LED Linear Lighting Modules gradually shift to warmer color temperatures as they dim, to capture the warmth and ambiance previously achieved only with incandescent dimming.

    Juno SpectralWhite

    Need your retail or commercial space colors and whites to pop? Juno SpectralWhite color/white enhancing option offers a solution to this situation, rendering richer, more vibrant colors and making whites appear naturally brilliant and vivid.


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