ESXF LED Floodlight Family

All-in-one Flood

The Lithonia Lighting® ESXF LED Floodlight is an all-in-one flood that gives ultimate versatility by offering 36 configurations in one product while delivering superior illumination and offering easy access to controls for color switching, lumen switching, and selectable photocell.

On-the-spot reconfiguring is quick and easy, eliminating any go-backs!

Choose Your Options – On Location!

With 36 configurations in one product, the ESXF provides easy access to adjustable lumen output, color switching, and selectable dusk-to-dawn photocell. No matter the application, you’ll always have the luminaire you need on the spot!

Ideal for Your Application

Suitable for professionals or DIYers, these floods offer wide flood distribution (7x7) and DLC Premium performance making it a one-stop-shop for all floodlighting needs.

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