DARK TO LIGHT (DTL) Photocontrols and Accessories 
Energy efficient and exceptionally reliable, DTL photocontrols are designed for a variety of outdoor applications including smart city, roadway, area lighting, floodlights, security and residential. The Acuity Controls DTL line offers high-quality, cost-effective electronic outdoor photocontrols for various applications.
Smart City Controls
The new DTL DSN solution offers municipalities and utility companies enhanced functionality and adaptive control of their LED street lighting systems. LED street lighting is the ideal infrastructure platform for delivering critical outdoor applications such as smart lighting, smart metering and other outdoor internet of things technologies.
LED Compatible Photocontrols
Our pioneering high-quality DTL DLL Elite series of photocontrols and its intelligent counterpart, the DTL DSN series, feature a design life of 20+ years, superior in-rush current and surge-protection features to match the extended life and low-maintenance benefits associated with LED fixtures.
Remote Control Photocontrols
DTL Connect Series photocontrols provide remote connectivity to lighting fixtures. Using the Connect Series remote, the photocontrol can be enabled/disabled from the ground. This control is ideal for security and area lighting applications.
Standard, Intelligent and Wire-in Photocontrols plus Accessories
The DTL family offers a comprehensive assortment of photocontrols to meet all your needs — ranging from our energy-saving part-night controls, intelligent HPS cycling controls and premium silicone filter controls to inline controls for decorative fixtures where NEMA receptacles are not available and handy accessories.