Making the Complex Simple

Lighting enables more benefits for occupants in today’s buildings. Once limited to providing only illumination, lighting now serves as a conduit for broader functionality.  Specifying lighting and controls that seamlessly work together can often be a complex task… but we’ve made it simple.

A+ Certified™ Solutions from Acuity Brands enable the confident selection and implementation of lighting and controls. Our rigorous testing and certification program is your assurance that all parts of a certified solution will have chromatic consistency and interoperability, backed by Acuity Brands, the industry leader in smart lighting solutions.

We’re your one, trusted resource before, during and after installation.

What do I get with an A+ Certified™ Solution?

A+ Certified solutions from Acuity Brands help you quickly and confidently select and implement lighting systems, for indoor or outdoor applications, that are both compatible and consistent.

Consistent – initial lumen output and color consistency are factory-calibrated and verified

Compatible – components are designed, manufactured and tested for interoperability with other A+ Capable products

How can I specify an A+ Certified™ Solution?

A+ Capable products can be identified through our search results below. You can identify specific A+ Capable product configurations by viewing the spec sheets.

The combination of an A+ Capable luminaire and an A+ Capable control gives you an A+ Certified Solution!


See the Benefits of an A+ Certified™ Solution in Action