Water Treatment
Plant Lighting

Acuity Brands continues its 100+
year tradition of offering energy
efficient, reliable and innovative
lighting solutions for the
demanding needs of both water
and wastewater treatment facilities.
Reliability and performance are key concerns in all demanding applications such as water treatments systems and wastewater treatment plants. Acuity Brands wet location family of products is designed with the highest quality materials to ensure long life and performance in the toughest of environments.

With the superior design, illumination and unique housings of Acuity Brands Lighting & Controls, we can satisfy the most challenging applications; and our networked solutions can provide flexibility to reconfigure, rezone and regroup for changing mandates and needs.

  • Lift/pump stations
  • Flocculation, aeriation & clarifier areas
  • Labs and maintenance areas
  • Parking lots and perimeters
  • Emergency & Exit lighting


  • Reduce energy consumption by an average 60% in most applications
  • Reduce operational costs with at least 50% maintenance reduction
  • Greatly enhance base security with reliable operation and improved light
  • Improve sustainability efforts and reduce carbon footprint
  • Enhance safety and productivity with superior light and uniformity


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Frequently Asked Questions

A:   Maintenance is surely the most challenging aspect of water treatment lighting. Because water treatment facilities can cover very large areas and there are so many locations that require lighting to maintain safety standards throughout the facility, keeping them all operational all the time is very difficult. In addition, because these water treatment facilities have a myriad of tunnels and water transfer locations that are underground, keeping everything operational requires a great deal of attention. This is why LED systems are ideal for these types of applications. They offer a long life, low maintenance and connectability to a system monitoring platform.

A:   Yes, most lighting applications in the facility require a wet location product listing.

A:   Yes, we recommend our DeSoto® LED series emergency lighting for wet-location or hazardous environments.