Seaport Lights

If your lighting needs include
container storage areas, loading
and unloading areas or crane
lighting applications, we can
provide the best solution for
visibility, safety, productivity and
operational costs.
At Acuity Brands, we can provide a broad range of lighting solutions tailored to the unique needs of coastal and inland ports. Our collection of luminaires ranging from high mast lights and pole mounted luminaires to flood lighting and other specialty luminaires work together with integrated control systems to provide intelligent solutions with unsurpassed reliability and performance. 

Whether you’re lighting loading/unloading areas, container storage areas or special crane lighting applications that require high mast lights, we can provide you the best solution to improve visibility and reduce glare while generating tremendous savings in energy costs and maintenance.

  • Large container storage areas
  • Crane lighting and other loading/unloading areas
  • Access roads
  • Wall and perimeter security


  • Reduce energy consumption by an average 60% in most applications
  • Reduce operational costs with at least 50% maintenance reduction
  • Greatly enhance base security with reliable operation and improved light
  • Improve sustainability efforts and reduce carbon footprint
  • Enhance safety and productivity with superior light and uniformity


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Port of Los Angeles

The Port of Los Angeles recently began installing Holophane HMAO LED luminaires to replace existing HPS high mast products. Watch our case study video to learn about how they've improved visibility and productivity at the port while reducing operational costs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A:   Holophane® HMAO LED II Series high-mast lights are tested to last over 100,000 hours without maintenance. And even at 100,000 hours of operation, the system is expected to provide 83 percent of its original light output. So, it is reasonable to expect the product to last beyond 100,000 hours before meeting the LM70 standard for end of life.

A:   Yes, they are designed to be a one-for-one replacement of HPS fixtures. It is recommended that specifiers conduct lighting calculations to determine if the replacement meets required light levels.

A:   Yes, the HMAO LED II high-mast series uses a robust paint process that yields a 5,000-hour salt-spray finish, suitable for the harshest of coastline environments.