Protect your investment
with a Controls Service Plan

Controls Service Plans: Protect the power of your lighting controls

Learn how the right service plan can extend the life of your lighting controls system.

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Three Tiers of Service

Every customer is unique, so we offer three levels of service for routine and unplanned support. You can rest assured knowing trained specialists are available to troubleshoot and help your systems evolve to meet your needs.

  • SELF SERVICE: Online, on-demand resources help you find what you need. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • VIRTUAL: Remote service and support from an expert technical engineer for maintenance and optimization
  • COMPREHENSIVE: On-site service and support, plus all the benefits of the virtual plan
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xCella™ Wireless

Intro and Pairing Commands                     

Pairing a Single Device                                   

Unpairing a Single Device                                   

Pairing Multiple Devices                                  

Unpairing Multiple Devices