Tunnel Lighting

With over 25 years of experience in
tunnel lighting, Holophane now
offers the most technologically
advanced solutions available for
tunnel and underpass lighting
Tunnels are challenging environments due to pollution from round-the-clock traffic and the corrosiveness associated with high levels of humidity, exhaust fumes and fluctuating temperatures. Tunnel lights are also subjected to wind and reverberation of heavy vehicles passing by which cause vibration. A Tunnel lighting control system intended for this environment must include a robust mechanical design and materials capable of withstanding the challenges of a harsh environment over time.

Our experts offer application assistance in tunnel lighting and underpass lighting design and provide full application support to see your project through from the beginning to completion. We are committed to help you meet your tunnel lighting control goals, providing innovative products designed for performance and versatility – with minimal operating costs and long life.

  • Roadway tunnels
  • Rail tunnels
  • Underpasses


  • Reduce energy consumption with LED tunnel lights by an average 60% in most applications
  • Reduce operational costs with at least 50% maintenance reduction
  • Greatly enhance base security with reliable operation and improved light
  • Improve sustainability efforts and reduce carbon footprint
  • Enhance driver safety with superior light and uniformity


Tunnel Pass LED

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DOT Upgrades Queen Creek Tunnel in Arizona

Spanning a quarter mile, Queen Creek Tunnel is one of the largest in Arizona. Built in 1952, the lighting system was beyond outdated and the current design was no longer conducive to large-truck traffic. ADOT's decision to replace the current HPS lights with Holophane's TunnelPass LED proved successful in achieving significant energy and maintenance savings.
Bay Bridge Tunnel, CA

The California Department of Transportation decided to install LED lighting in the Yerba Buena Tunnel replacing VHO fluorescent fixtures installed in the tunnel 30 years earlier. The challenge was to identify an LED luminaire that could provide high levels of visibility plus the reliability and long-term performance required of luminaires used in demanding tunnel environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A:   The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) publishes a recommended practices guide for tunnel lighting under ANSI/IES RP-22-11.  The latest manual was published in 2011, and it provides engineers and specifiers assistance in determining needs, recommending solutions, and evaluating resulting visibility at vehicular tunnel approaches and interiors.

A:   The TunnelPass LED™ is suitable for use in all tunnel and underpass areas for roadway and railroad applications.  It has a robust design with an IP66 rating, which means it is completely sealed from dust and water intrusion and is tested to withstand high pressure jets of water from any direction.  So, it can also be cleaned periodically by power washer, since tunnels can be an extremely harsh and dirty application environment. 

It also has a 3G vibration rating. Luminaire vibration testing is covered by the ANSI C136.31 test standard, which provides the minimum vibration-withstand capability, and vibration test methods for roadway luminaires.

A:   When lighting a tunnel, its length, geometry and immediate environment must be considered as well as traffic densities.  Differing light levels are set for each project, per the standards and best practices set forth in ANSI/IES RP-22-11.

A:   Our tunnel lights can work with a variety of different controls platforms.  Acuity Brands has several control options available and also a network of control partners that we work with on different control specifications where applicable.