Roadway Lighting

For over a century brands like
Holophane and American Electric
Lighting have been leading the
industry with innovative roadway
solutions from cobra-heads to high
mast to architectural lighting.

With brands like Holophane, American Electric Lighting and Antique Street Lamps, it’s impossible to find a more comprehensive roadway lighting portfolio than that of Acuity Brands. With over a century of experience in innovation, we provide solutions that allow municipalities, DOTs and utilities all over the world to experience the lowest total operating cost for all types of roadway lighting applications.

From cobra-head lights to high-mast fixtures to a deep bench of architectural outdoor products, Acuity Brands has the highest performing LED roadway lighting available, complemented by a full portfolio of poles, arms and lowering devices. Combining all this with industry-leading controls innovation, we are enabling cutting-edge solutions for smart cities and smart grids today and into the future.


The various applications and typical fixture types include:

  • High speed roadways and interchanges – high-mast and cobra-head lights
  • Collector roads and boulevards – cobra-head lights and architectural/decorative roadway lighting
  • Downtown and commercial districts – architectural/decorative roadway lighting
  • Residential streets and rural roads – architectural/decorative lighting and cobra-head lights


  • Reduce energy consumption by an average of 60% in most roadway applications by replacing old fixtures with new LED roadway lighting.
  • Reduce maintenance by at least 50% when you switch from traditional lighting to long-life LED.
  • Enhance security with the reliable operation and improved quality of light provided by LED roadway lighting.
  • Improve sustainability efforts and reduce your carbon footprint by using LED highway lights.
  • Enhance roadway and pedestrian safety with the superior quality and uniformity of LED lighting.
  • Help give the economy a boost by using LED roadway lighting to increase the sense of safety in commercial districts, encouraging shoppers and diners to come and stay awhile.
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