Outdoor LED
Sign Lighting

Acuity Brands is the leader
in superior performance and
uniformity for all outdoor
LED sign lighting applications.

Billboard & Sign Lighting

 Higher light levels and better uniformity are the key attributes of top-performing LED light fixtures for outdoor billboard lighting. And the ability to maintain those light levels consistently has been and still is the best measure for comparison when considering products for LED sign lighting. 

Acuity Brands offers a one-for-one LED replacement solution for all of your outdoor sign-lighting applications. Our innovative optic design provides superior performance and uniformity for all types of LED billboard lighting applications.

Exceptional Service Life and Reduced GHC
When it comes to LED billboard lighting, the exceptional energy efficiency and service life of Sign-Vue® II LED luminaires from our Holophane® brand can yield substantial savings in electricity and maintenance when compared to traditional sources. Sign-Vue II LED luminaires can help with efforts to lower operating costs, achieve compliance with energy conservation requirements and keep pace with today’s “green” initiatives. The lower energy consumption of LED lighting, compared to traditional sources, helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. Furthermore, LEDs are RoHS compliant and therefore have none of the disposability issues associated with certain other light sources.

A Partner You Can Trust
With over a century of experience in lighting and over 40 years in the outdoor advertising market, Acuity Brands brings you a level of expertise that no other lighting supplier can.

Acuity Brands offers LED replacement solutions for your outdoor led sign lighting applications.
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