Municipal Lighting
for Roadway,
Bridges & Tunnels

Acuity Brands provides
municipalities, DOTs and utilities
with the industry’s largest portfolio
of smart lighting and controls
solutions for roadways, bridges
and tunnels.

Driving the Future of Infrastructure

The future of successful infrastructure relies on constant innovation in
developing smart roadways and smart cities


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Frequently Asked Questions

A:   By converting to LED, operators can expect to save on energy every year, because LED lights consume about 50 percent less energy when compared with high-pressure sodium (HPS) sources.  Many cities installed their existing street lights in the 1980s and 1990s, and, as a result, those fixtures are now in need of being replaced.

Another benefit of LEDs is that they provide better reliability and require little maintenance with a lifespan about four to five times that of an HPS lamp. The long life of LEDs translates into ongoing savings in maintenance costs.

LED roadway lights are also designed to provide greater uniformity and better distribution of light, increasing visibility and helping to improve safety at night.  

A:    For most conversions, a city’s specifications are based on recommendations from the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), which provides guidelines and specifications for street and highway lights.  Project costs can vary depending on design considerations, product selection and the manufacturer.

A:  LED lights are not brighter than HPS lights. Old HPS fixtures produce a light that looks amber in color. New LED lights produce a white light that’s often perceived as cooler and brighter to the eye. This allows colors to appear more natural at night, improving color rendering. LED lights also depreciate much more slowly over time compared to HPS lights that burn out in four to five years.  Overall, LED highway lights provide the same light output as HPS sources but deliver a brighter, longer-lasting solution.