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Living Rooms
The living room is one of the most versatile and frequently used rooms in the home. Considering all the different ways in which your family uses the living room is key when creating your lighting and controls strategy. The goal is to make the space warm and inviting as well as highly functional. Acuity Brands has a broad range of living room ceiling lights and controls that will allow you to create the perfect mix of function and appeal in your family's busiest room.

Our living room lighting solutions include:
  • Ceiling lights – We have a vast selection of LED recessed, flush-mount, cove and other lighting that can optimize illumination and provide the flexibility you need. When selecting living room ceiling lights, remember that a combination of general illumination, task lighting and accent lighting is needed. You’ll want to direct light to high-traffic areas and task zones, such as a reading chair, and add accent lighting to focal points such as a fireplace or bookshelves.
  • Dimmers/controls – Dimmers allow you to adapt to any occasion, giving you the flexibility to dim living room ceiling lights while watching a movie and increase the brightness when reading. 

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
A: It is important to consider how the space will be used when choosing lighting. Living rooms typically need multiple types of lighting fixtures to adequately illuminate the space. Recessed lighting is highly versatile and can be used for both general lighting and task lighting. Utilize dimmers to set the mood and control energy costs. 
A: Position living room ceiling lights to direct a beam of light onto task areas (i.e., a reading chair, coffee table or desk) and onto high traffic areas of the room. To avoid glare, do not install living room ceiling lights directly above TVs and sofas.