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Acuity Brands outdoor luminaires are unmatched in the industry for distinctive designs, mechanical integrity and high-performance optical systems. From simple outdoor path lights to color-changing aquatic lighting, our portfolio of integrated LED luminaires will transform your outdoor space. 

Our solutions can help to highlight landscape features, light outdoor living spaces and give you a feeling of safety at night. Our complete portfolio of landscape and security lighting includes floodlights, stake lights, outdoor path lights, outdoor wall sconces, spotlights and area lighting.

  • Floodlight – outdoor lighting for general house and landscaping illumination 
  • Spotlight –accent lighting to highlight key features of your landscape 
  • Step light – unobtrusive LED fixtures to illuminate steps 
  • Outdoor wall sconces –aesthetically pleasing and functional wall-mounted lights for exterior use
  • Stake light – landscape lighting that’s used for accent or outdoor path light 
  • Motion sensors – controls that activate lighting when sensing movement, increasing the sense of security around the home 
  • Dusk-to-dawn controls – integrated photocells that turn lights on and off based on daylight, also adding to overall security   
Want some tips to get a jumpstart on your outdoor lighting? Try these:
  • To accent specific landscaping features, utilize bullet spotlights. 
  • To highlight particular sections of your home or landscaping, use exterior floodlights, as these have a wider beam range. 
  • For lighting covered decks and porches, wet location recessed downlights and flush mounts are ideal. 
  • Outdoor path lights do a great job of lighting pathways at night, and they provide aesthetic benefits too. 
  • Outdoor LED wall sconces are aesthetically pleasing while providing functional, energy-efficient illumination.

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