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The kitchen is where people congregate and is a highly trafficked area throughout the day. Because it is a multi-purpose space, it’s important to have kitchen light fixtures that can serve various purposes — illuminating the counters while you chop vegetables, spreading even light for entertaining, and providing task lighting for children to complete their homework. Kitchen light fixtures should provide bright, even illumination and add flexible layers of light for a variety of kitchen activities. Acuity Brands offers the total solution for optimized kitchen lighting.

From ceiling lights to task lighting, Acuity Brands has the solutions you need, including these kitchen light fixtures:
  • Recessed lights – Kitchen recessed lights are used for general illumination of the room and work areas. They are a very popular choice for kitchen ceiling lights.
  • Pendant lighting – These hanging fixtures add to the function as well as the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. With strategic placement, pendants can serve as kitchen task lighting. Our pendant fixtures illuminate the full glass surface and dim down to 10% on a standard Triac dimming system.
  • Under-cabinet lights – These are used beneath cabinets to provide additional task lighting and to better illuminate counter space.  They can also be used under lower cabinets as toe-kick and accent lighting. 

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
A: Kitchens are multi-purpose so your kitchen light fixtures need to be too. Recessed downlighting fixtures work best for general, or ambient, lighting, while pendant lighting is ideal over an island, sink or even a built-in desk area. Add some cabinet lighting, and voilà, a perfectly lit kitchen space! 
A: Task lighting should be placed over all work areas. Kitchen recessed lighting should be installed to align halfway between the face of the upper cabinet and the edge of the countertop, and centered in front of where cabinet door pairs meet. This will provide task lighting on the counters without creating shadows. You can then place additional kitchen recessed lighting around the remainder of the kitchen for general illumination.