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For many families, the garage is more than simply a place to park the automobiles. It often serves multiple purposes: garage, shop and storage space. The right garage lights can enhance the safety and functionality of the space by addressing those different needs.

Bright garage ceiling lights are needed for general illumination, while shop light fixtures can provide task lighting for work areas. Selecting long-life LED garage ceiling lights and shop light fixtures will reduce energy consumption, utility costs and maintenance, compared to traditional light sources.

Our LED garage ceiling lights deliver bright, high-quality illumination, increasing safety and security while decreasing energy use. And when installed with an optional motion sensor, the garage lights will automatically turn on when motion, such as opening the garage door or walking in, is detected. Our garage lights are easy to install, and both flush and suspended mounting options are available.

Installing an LED shop light fixture directly over work benches will provide bright task lighting and will prevent shadows on the work area. We have stylish LED shop lights designed for traditional suspension or for suspension at a 30-degree angle to project light onto a larger area. Shop light fixtures are ideal for work rooms and utility rooms as well as garages.

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