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The bedroom is a retreat.  It’s also one of the most utilized rooms in the house, but bedroom lighting design is often an afterthought. Lighting is key to creating your dream retreat.  Acuity Brands LED bedroom lighting, coupled with our controls, allows you to create the proper ambiance for your bedroom and control light levels for differing tasks such as reading, getting ready for the day, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Layers of lights are crucial to create a versatile bedroom space. Overhead ceiling lights for bedroom spaces brighten the area evenly, while soft accent lighting creates a calming ambiance, and task lighting is utilized for working at a desk or reading in a chair. Acuity Brands has bedroom lighting solutions for all your different needs. 

Our bedroom lighting solutions include
  • Recessed lighting – lighting fixtures that don’t protrude from the ceiling
  • Flush mounts – light fixtures where the base sits flush, or even, with the ceiling
  • Semi-flush mounts – fixtures that have a base that is flush but also a piece that extends from the base, separating the light from the base
  • Sconces – decorative wall-mounted lights that provide both style and function
  • Skylights – fixtures using natural lighting to illuminate a space for added energy savings
  • Dimmers and controls –  energy-saving devices that allow you to control the brightness of your fixtures to adapt to any occasion or mood
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
A: Several different kinds of ceiling lights work for bedrooms. Recessed lighting fixtures provide an aesthetically quiet ceiling surface. This would be the best option for rooms with low ceilings. For bedrooms with higher ceilings, flush and semi-flush mounts are a more decorative option. Semi-flush lights work the best on medium to high ceilings. 
A: Yes, we have a variety of dimmable lighting options in recessed, flush-mount, sconce and pendant styles, and we also offer controls that are compatible with these products. With our lighting and controls, creating the light levels you want in your bedroom will be a cinch!