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Finding the best bathroom lighting solution is not an easy task.  Form, function, and aesthetic are all critical factors.  Acuity Brands has you covered with our diverse range of bathroom light fixtures. We provide optimum ambient and task lighting, offer a wide selection of wet and damp location fixtures, and make sure our bathroom lighting products are easy to install. 

With Acuity Brands bathroom lighting, rest assured that you are getting great design at a great price from a trusted brand. Our integrated LED products are energy efficient and will deliver even illumination so you can see yourself in the best light.

We offer bathroom lighting products in traditional and modern styles. Our comprehensive selection includes
  • Vanity – variety of decorative LED vanities in 1’, 2,’ 3’ and 4' lengths.  Our vanity lights can be mounted above the mirror or on the side as a vanity wall sconce for flexibility in lighting design.
  • Vanity wall sconce – designed for mounting on both sides of a bathroom mirror. Sconces provide both style and performance
  • Recessed lighting — also known as "can lighting,” supplies general illumination as well as task lighting within the bathroom.  We offer many LED wet-location-listed recessed lighting fixtures for use above the shower and/or tub.
  • Track lighting — multiple styles and finishes available. When properly placed, track lighting in the bathroom can enhance the décor and brighten the space.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
A: Acuity Brands has multiple options for lighting your bathroom. Similar to the kitchen space, the bathroom has multiple uses and requires the right lighting in the right space. Wet/damp location lights are perfect for the shower or bath area. These types of lights are offered in both decorative and recessed downlighting styles. Our LED vanity lights come in a variety of colors and styles and are ideal for over the mirror/sink area. Recessed lighting can be sprinkled throughout the bathroom for general lighting, and LED decorative sconces can be for added interest. Our LED fixtures are compatible with most dimmers, allowing you to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis while also saving energy!
A: The best kind of bathroom lighting is LED lighting with a cooler color temperature. The cooler color temperature will provide a brighter light output that is idea for bathroom task lighting. Another bonus of using LED is that it provides significant energy savings and a longer life than incandescent or fluorescent lighting.  
A: Bathrooms need to be bright enough for all your everyday tasks while also being able to convert to a calming place of relaxation. Warm ambient lighting around the bathtub is ideal for relaxation. This can be achieved with lighting controls to dim your bathroom light fixtures. 
A: With the correct placement, track lighting can be utilized in the bathroom. Track lighting installation guides need to be followed for correct proximity to the shower and/or bathtub.