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Parking Lots & Garages

When choosing lighting for parking areas, key considerations are security, operational costs and maintenance. Acuity Brands offers a wide range of lighting and controls designed and built to work together as an integrated system. Whether you need parking garage or parking lot lights or both, we can provide a solution that will help your tenants and guests feel safer while delivering significant savings in your energy and maintenance costs.

Our parking garage and parking lot lights deliver high quality, even illumination to increase security, always an important consideration for tenants. Security experts have found that well-lit spaces have lower crime rates while also increasing tenants’ community confidence.

Proper lighting is a deterrent to criminal activity, helping to prevent it before it happens. Deterring crime is an obvious win, especially considering that crime can lead to decreasing property values, resident instability, decisions to move and general neighborhood decline.

Our solutions utilizing long-life, energy-efficient LED technology will lower operational costs through reduced maintenance and energy savings. And you can increase your savings with the addition of controls.

Our comprehensive offering of parking lot lights — including a wide variety of pole light fixtures, bollards, canopy lighting and more, in LED and traditional light sources — ensures that we have everything for your specific needs.

While benefits of our LED parking lot lights include longer luminaire life and increased efficiency, they also include high-quality, even illumination to help residents and visitors feel more safe and secure. LED solutions with integrated photocells allow dusk-to-dawn operation, and higher levels of controllability are available for even greater efficiency and operational cost savings.

Acuity Brands has an extensive portfolio of parking garage lighting fixtures specifically engineered to achieve energy savings, long life and easy installation. And our lighting and controls are designed to work together seamlessly for a solution that maximizes savings in operation and maintenance.

By choosing our LED technology, you can eliminate hot spots and provide a pleasing, brightly lit space, creating a welcoming environment and greater sense of safety. Our parking garage lighting solutions also help to manage sharp transitions in light levels when entering and leaving the garage.

The general categories of lighting used in residential parking lots or garages include:

  • Pole light fixtures – the type of area and site lighting most commonly used for parking lots, streets, walkways and other large areas
  • Bollard lights – short, vertical post fixtures used to illuminate and accent parking areas, walkways and landscaping
  • Canopy lighting – variety of recessed, surface and pendant-mount fixtures for parking garages, canopies, parking lots and other exterior locations
  • Wall-mounted lighting – versatile selection for mounting on building exteriors or walls to light parking lots, garages, walkways, stairways and more
  • Period outdoor lighting – decorative lighting with historical or period design for parking areas and residential developments 


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