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The kitchen is a functional space to prepare and enjoy food, but it’s also a gathering spot and a hub for other activities from homework to television to computer time. The right lighting is essential to best serve the various needs of this popular place.

Our LED lighting solutions ensure high-quality, even illumination and operational savings. On average, LED lighting technology can reduce energy costs by 60% compared to traditional lighting, and the long life of LED fixtures minimizes maintenance. That adds up to a win for both you and your tenants.

The main focus in planning kitchen lighting is to provide bright task lighting for the work areas.  Appropriate choices include pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, recessed lighting and low voltage track lighting.

  • Pendant lights – These are perfect over an island, sink or built-in desk area, and they come in a wide variety of styles, colors, designs and sizes. While pendant lights typically hang from a stem, flush pendant light options allow the fixtures to be mounted on the ceiling without a stem. Conversely, many of our flush-mount fixtures can become pendant lights with the addition of one of our hangers, creating more flush/pendant light choices.
  • Under-cabinet lighting – This is ideal for illuminating countertops for food preparation, and it has the added benefit of accenting the backsplash at the same time.
  • Recessed lighting – Recessed downlights provide another great option for countertop task lighting. To ensure shadow-free lighting, their ceiling location should be aligned halfway between the face of the upper cabinets and the edge of the countertop, centered in front of where cabinet doors meet.

The goal of ambient lighting in the kitchen is to provide a warm, inviting environment with general illumination that is glare-free and has minimal shadows. Recessed lighting, specifically downlighting, is often the best choice for the kitchen, but other options are available too.

  • Recessed lighting – Versatile and unobtrusive, recessed downlights can make a room feel more spacious.
  • Shallow led recessed lighting – For those kitchen ceilings that require a shallow housing, we offer shallow led recessed lighting options in multiple brands and aperture sizes.
  • Other choices – Track lighting can be another source of ambient light in a kitchen, particularly when used to complement recessed lighting. Additional options include flush-mount and semi-flush ceiling fixtures.

The goal of accent lighting is to draw the eye to architectural features or other special items in the kitchen and to enhance the overall look of the area. Track lighting or recessed downlighting works well for this.

  • Track fixtures – Either low voltage track lighting or line voltage track lighting can be used to highlight special features or decorative pieces. Line voltage track lighting uses the standard voltage for outlets and junction boxes (120 volts), while low voltage track lighting typically uses 12 volts, utilizing a transformer to lower the line voltage to match. The lower voltage allows smaller bulb sizes.
  • Downlights – Recessed downlights with adjustable or wallwash trims are especially useful for accent lighting. Adjustable trims allow the direction of the light to be changed, and wallwash downlights direct light toward the wall.


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