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Common Spaces
Today’s multifamily complexes continue to offer more amenities to attract and retain tenants. The lighting in these common spaces must meet local codes and regulations. In addition, the lighting should enhance the aesthetics of the space and contribute to a safe, warm and inviting environment.

  • For spaces where potential tenants typically form first impressions — such as lobbies, business centers, leasing offices and game rooms — decorative lighting that highlights the architecture and design of the space is key in making a winning statement. Various fixture types from recessed lighting to pendants are suitable in these areas.
  • Some common spaces may have drop ceilings. Recessed troffers are a popular choice for drop ceiling lighting, but other fixture types will work as well. Recessed downlights and suspended fixtures are among the many drop ceiling lighting options.
  • Safety and security are critical factors when selecting interior hallway lighting. Well-positioned general illumination eliminates dark shadows and corners, helping to proactively reduce crime. Reliable exit and emergency lighting fixtures guide tenants to safety in conditions where reactive actions are necessary.
  • Lighting for more utilitarian areas such as laundry rooms, maintenance rooms and stairways needs to be durable and bright.
  • Community amenities such as pools, playgrounds, tennis courts and clubhouses can help distinguish a multifamily complex and attract new residents. Energy efficiency, low maintenance, and safety and security are key considerations when lighting these areas.

Acuity Brands offers a comprehensive selection of LED lighting and controls to provide everything you need for high-quality, energy-efficient lighting of all your community spaces. From highly versatile downlights to easily installed LED drop-ceiling lights, from decorative outdoor sconces to energy-saving LED floodlights, we have the perfect choice for every need. The benefits include reduced maintenance costs and increased confidence that the lights on your property are working.

Due to building codes, common spaces often need to be lighted 24 hours a day, but dimming and occupancy sensors may be appropriate for some spaces. Our LED lighting and controls can provide significant energy savings, compared to traditional lighting, while delivering high-quality, even illumination. For lighting pool areas, playgrounds, tennis courts and other community-use areas, our motion-sensing LED solutions can enhance the overall sense of safety and security.

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