Everywhere there are people, there are lights. 
      Everywhere there are lights, there are intelligent networks. 

The internet connects people, devices, systems and networks. It has enhanced the way we share information and it continues to reveal actionable insight like never before.
And as internet technology innovates, unlocking the power of the Internet of Things, so are the product and solution offerings of Acuity Brands.

Today, Acuity Brands is delivering an IoT framework that unifies your lighting devices, building controls, management systems and networks in order to unharness meaningful
data and derive further value through modern IoT solutions and applications. We are providing enhanced, customer-focused services in order to maximize performance,
reduce operational costs, create better visual environments and increase energy savings while enhancing user experiences. 

Smart Retail solution
Acuity Brands' Smart Retail Solution delivers deep insight into customer behavior to increase: operational efficiencies to store managers and employees, revenue lift to retailers and brands, and business intelligence to store owners and executives. 
Indoor Positioning SYSTEM
Acuity Brands' Indoor Positioning Systems help retailers deliver a tailored, mobile-enhanced omnichannel shopping experience to their customers.  
Smart Lighting Networks

Smart Lighting Networks allow us to use light in new ways, bringing remarkable benefits and insights to business owners, end-users and consumers.