Case Study Details

LOCATION: Brandon, Florida


Tampa General Improves Primary Care Facility with LED Lighting & Digital Controls

Tampa General Medical Group (TGMG) Family Care Center in Brandon opened in late 2012. The new primary care facility needed an environment that would foster patient satisfaction and comfort during their visit.

“Based on our experiences, the right aesthetics inside a health center make patients feel more at home and in return, feel better,” said Jose Marotta, Tampa General Hospital Chief Electrical Engineer. “One of those factors directly contributing to aesthetics is lighting.

“We know our nurses and doctors need quality lighting to see, for instance, physical details of skin ailments or open wounds,” said Marotta. “But we also need light levels suitable for patient comfort.”

Choosing the Right Lighting

After careful consideration and testing, TGMG selected multiple LED luminaires and lighting controls from Acuity Brands®.

“Lithonia Lighting® VT Series 2’ x 2’ LED luminaires were chosen for approximately 75 percent of the building, including nurses stations, corridors, exam rooms, conference rooms, the lounge and the waiting room,” said Marotta.

Designed to deliver high-performance volumetric lighting for ambient illumination, VT Series LED luminaires integrated with nLight® controls can help healthcare facilities avoid the cold, institutional feeling associated with many clinics. Additionally, the LED luminaires were specified with a lumen management option that ensures a constant level of illumination throughout the lifetime of the system. This option saves an additional 10 percent of the energy and further extends the life of the LED system. “The long life translates to lower-maintenance lighting, and a high color-rendering index (CRI), allowing doctors and nurses to accurately access patient status and condition visually,” said Marotta.

Winona® Drums Series pendants and wall sconces were used for decorative illumination in the reception area, waiting room and bathrooms. Downlights from Lithonia Lighting were also used in the reception area. Additionally, TGMG installed Lithonia Lighting LED exit signs and emergency lighting units.

Impressive Results

“The lighting enhances the aesthetics of the ambulatory clinic and you can really tell a difference when you walk into the building,” said Kathleen Hoffman, Tampa General Medical Group Nurse Manager, Brandon. “The lighting makes it easy to tell that everything is clean. Because of the controls, we do not have to adjust the lights for different times of the day, and we can adjust them for different patient scenarios. The lighting has been perfect.”