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LOCATION: Camarillo, California


Practicing What They Preach: OLED Lighting Turns Heads in High-Tech Company Lounge

Practicing What They Preach:                                                                                
OLED Lighting Turns Heads in High-Tech Company Lounge

The Challenge

Meissner Filtration Products, the worldwide leader in
advanced microfiltration and single-use systems,
desperately needed a new headquarters and manufacturing
plant to handle expanded production – and expanded

According to Eric Meissner, manager of supply chain
operations, the 180,000-square-foot building had to reflect
the company’s cutting-edge nature.  

“We are recognized globally for our expertise as a technology    
company, and the new building needed to reflect that,”
explained Meissner.  “We wanted the space to be both
functional and vibrant.”

As such, a key element in the design of the new headquarters
would be its lighting.  Annie Reis of JMPE Electrical
Engineering and Lighting Design had the challenge of   
creating a contemporary, stylish lighting design for the
project that met the company’s diverse workplace needs.

The Solution

According to Reis, lighting throughout the building needed
to be tailored to serve a variety of functional areas, such as
manufacturing cleanrooms and the administrative offices.
A particularly challenging area was the second-floor     
marketing lounge, which doubled as an informal meeting    
space for visiting clients and vendors.

“It’s a very dynamic space. Funky couches line the walls,
and there’s warm wood throughout,” she explained. “We
needed lighting that would accentuate the space without
overwhelming it.”

After considering round pendants at different heights in
in the room, Reis came across a new Acuity Brands fixture:
Trilia™ OLED from Winona® Lighting.  

OLED lighting can provide distinctive design statements
for a wide variety of interior lighting applications, including
corporate, hospitality, healthcare, and residential. They can
enliven any environment with focal points of sculpted light,
while providing appropriate horizontal and vertical
illumination for a range of tasks.

Trilia luminaires can be mounted in grid and hard ceiling
conditions for a variety of customizable configurations
appropriate for each work space. Also, the easily-linked
organic patterns seem to form and flow gracefully
throughout a space further integrating lighting with

They were exactly what Reis, Meissner and architect
Patrick McIlhenney were looking for.  

“There’s a real trend with companies seeking to upgrade
from standard lighting fixtures,” noted McIlhenney, principal
at Square One Architecture. “As soon as we saw it, we knew
the Trilia would provide a memorable experience.   
It’s not something you expect.”

The Result
Now, visitors’ gazes naturally rise upward upon entering
the 2nd floor lounge.

Glowing softly and seemingly floating from the ceiling
is soft light from two thin, multi-dimensional Trilia OLED
OLED fixtures. A trio of rectangular, red-framed Origami
LEDs surround and complement them.

To some, the intriguing Trilia designs resemble distinctive
puzzle pieces; to others, they bring to mind a geometrically-
inspired molecular shape. But to Meissner, they are evocative
of a Benzene ring, a hexagon-shaped representation of
bonded carbon atoms – images perfect for a filtration
technology company.

“This is exactly what we were looking for in the lounge,”
he noted. “An elegant look that is also functional.”

Even more importantly, the lounge lighting helps further
the energy-efficiency goals Meissner sought throughout the
building. As a manufacturing company that heavily
consumes electricity, Meissner needed lighting that would
blend function with form. The new solution is expected
to deliver energy savings of up to 40 percent.

And Meissner is convinced that when employees and
visitors leave the lounge, the images of the lighting
– and the company that displays it – linger longer.   

The lighting parallels qualities we embody – “high-tech,
modern, environmentally friendly, “observed Meissner.
“We couldn’t be happier with the results.”