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Las Vegas Convention Center Looks to Holophane to Enhance Lighting on Exhibit

Even though the Las Vegas Convention Center is considered one of the most modern, functional tradeshow facilities in the world, it was previously illuminated by 1,000-watt high bay metal halide luminaires manufactured in the 1950s. The fixtures had become outdated and failed to provide the quality of light needed. Illumination levels dipped to 45 to 50 footcandles, with products and exhibits on the floor appearing dull and uninteresting.  

Joe Toro, electrical supervisor for the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, learned about Holophane® DualBay high bay luminaires with Holophane ISD Superglass® and solid-state electronic ballasts. Toro decided to test the fixtures on the convention center floor. He removed six of the existing high bay fixtures in one of the exhibit halls and replaced them with six DualBay units. He then challenged employees to identify where the new fixtures were installed.  

“No one could determine the new luminaires’ locations when they looked at the ceiling because the DualBay fixtures blended in so well with the existing units,” Toro said. “The difference on the floor, however, was very apparent because the area was so much brighter.”

The Las Vegas Convention Center installed approximately 2,000 DualBay luminaires with two 315-watt ceramic metal halide lamps in the Central exhibit halls, with an estimated 1,400 additional fixtures planned for the North and South Halls. The installation project had a short timeline because the center is almost constantly booked with only two or three days between shows.

The convention center’s electrical team decided to strengthen the 60-pound DualBay fixtures with special housing hardware to support the ballast housing and optic supports. Holophane reviewed and approved the design and agreed to warranty the modified fixtures. 

“The DualBay system has reduced the convention center’s energy consumption by nearly 40 percent while creating a vivid, uniformly lit environment with less glare and strain on the eyes,” said Toro.

A Lithonia Lighting® automated computer system controls the lighting system and allows luminaires to be turned on or off individually. The DualBay fixtures are illuminated about 12 hours a day, 22 or 23 days a month.