Lighting Upgrade to Acuity Brands LED Luminaires Creates Safe, Inviting Exterior at 38 Dignity Health Hospitals, Cut Costs

Dignity Health has made its mark in the health care industry by providing quality and compassionate care at facilities in 3 states. After adopting a brand campaign to elevate the experience of visitors and staff, Dignity Health wanted to revitalize the aesthetics of 38 of its hospital campuses while promoting greater visibility, enhanced curb appeal and significantly reducing operating costs. “Many employees and visitors arrived in the evening and complained about burned-out lights and dark areas,” said Joe Garibay, engineering manager, St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach, California, the first facility to undergo a lighting update. “Many people requested an escort after dusk to take them to the Metro or their vehicles,” said Maribel Aldaco, security officer for St. Mary. Dignity Health’s management team realizes the significance of first impressions and how patients and the public subconsciously link aesthetics to a facility’s quality of care. Patients and visitors tend to form opinions based on the appearance of the grounds and building exteriors before they even enter a facility, making the quality of the exterior lighting system essential. A commitment to environmental sustainability is confirmed in Dignity Health’s adoption of the term humankindness to reflect the corporation’s shared heritage and commitment to future generations.

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