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Day Kimball Hospital upgrades high-pressure sodium area lighting with Lithonia Lighting D-Series LED system to improve safety, reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Healthcare facilities face a unique challenge of identifying new ways to reduce their operating expenses while providing quality facilities and care. Day Kimball Hospital discovered that retrofitting its exterior high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting system with LED luminaires could do both.

Day Kimball worked with Connecticut Light & Power on the rebate and was able to bundle electrical and fossil fuel savings to receive a 50 percent rebate on the installed lighting project cost. Harubin said he expects the savings resulting from the retrofit to mount during the coming years. “The lighting retrofit was a great opportunity for the hospital because we pay half as much to power the luminaires while achieving a much higher quality and in some cases quantity of light.”

“Many people fail to factor in the maintenance savings when they consider the cost of a lighting system retrofit,” Harubin said. “In the past, we had to hire a crew and truck to change the high pressure sodium lamps whenever they failed. We estimate the new LED system will save us thousands of dollars in labor and materials.” Because of the success at the Putnam, Connecticut location, Day Kimball is considering installing D-Series LED luminaires at other healthcare facilities in their area.

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